Within three days four hefty packages arrived in my mailbox. The stuff of every writer’s dreams: PAPER. In this case, Chapbooks! Chapbooks! Chapbooks! Chapbooks!IMG_4238

After a significant delay in delivery due to the fact that it was lost in the mail, my first published chapbook, Dishwashing Event, Part One: Tianjin, China, published by derek beaulieu’s fearless no press, finally arrived! Also in buldging packages were my chapbooks, Detour, (Spacecraft Press), Acceleration of the Arbitrary (Grey Borders) and The Insistence of Momentum (The Blasted Tree). All are available to purchase on the publishers’ websites–save for Dishwashing Event, Part One.IMG_4237

Also, included in the already heavy mail were a pile of chapbooks and leaflets from no press and The Blasted Tree. Busier than ever with day jobs that eat into the time reserved for reading and writing–eat during the day and eat during the night when the body has already given up–I have reading material for a long time to come.



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