Detour, my first full-length collection, has been published by gradient press [2017]! Yes, I am happy, of course–and perhaps a few people will read it.
Written in China, during 2013, Detour is a conceptual work, a conceptual translation, of the Dao De Jing (perhaps more commonly known in the West as the Tao Te Ching, the Wade-Giles rendering of the title). As described on the back of Detour,

Dao, in the context of the Dao De Jing, is traditionally translated as the Way. This can be understood as a path (away from paths). Here, the text of the Dao De Jing has been sent on a detour through automatic internet translators. Each section of the Dao De Jing was cumulatively translated 81 times, taking a cue from the text, which has 81 sections, displaying a fidelity to the auspicious number.

I began writing Detour as a response to modern China, its cities expanding at an enormous rate, physically, buildings constructed in the blink of an eye, often largely unpopulated, ghost ships… …a pushing forward into the current economic market… …each building a sign of political virility…  malls and shops exploding with gaudy showsSDC12621 of wealth and prestige… and amongst it all, the ancient revered, a firm grasp on the past, past poets, artists, philosophers, religions. Superstition and spiritual beliefs rampant under the neon lights neon lights neon lights…
It is much the same here in Canada. I think. The thing is, take a person out of there usual context… and they might just be able to see something. We are so often blind at home. Blind to that mundanity, out of context, which allows us to see.
Really, I just wanted to create a work that could attempt to articulate the contradiction of uber-capitalism (in China it is Socialism with ‘Special Features’, which amounts to late capitalism without voting, or really, rights, which I guess is just the logical conclusion of consumerism [consuming the self]), attempt to articulate the contradiction between the soulless and the spiritual. My answer to that desire was the deforming, or regenerating, of that ancient text, the Dao De Jing, via automatic internet translators. The texts arrive at an articulation which locates us.

Detour can be ordered through

Here are a couple sections from the book:



In addition, professional associations, and the killing, the common social system risk download 310 professional soldiers and 13,310 refugees only in such a system.

Her husband, and why? Have the opportunity to create employment opportunities. Scott is a healthy, friendly, and there is a plan.

Animals from the world of the body of the ambitious use of the Grand Canyon in Cape Town. This is a very natural thing, helmets and flak jackets of the friction.

It is very difficult to come to this is armoured helmets and an armored vests and helmets, and wearing a helmet, as well as armor and helmets and flak jackets and helmets is a very difficult,

It is very difficult to very difficult to find up to the challenge, clothing is very difficult to get the weapons, but it is very difficult.

Armour, clothing, apparel and helmets and bulletproof vests and armored vehicles. helmets and flak jackets continue to exist. For example, a kimono.

Wearing of helmets and bulletproof vests and armored armored it is very difficult to very difficult problems and armoured, helmets and flak jackets, but the problem is that the Land Rover helmets, and he was the focus of fashion.

helmets and flak jackets are difficult, helmets and flak jackets, clothing, and the hard drive, there are difficulties, nausea, and I have a bulletproof vests and clothing in some helmets.

helmets and flak jackets, ponchos, and it is very difficult for wearing flak jackets. As well as constraints and difficulties, and his helmet and flak jackets cloak, it is very difficult for a helmet.

Protective clothing, and the Treatment difficulties of the Armour is a very difficult task. According to the standard version.

However, in the evening, Tiger of the animals likely to be as good a cold week treatment, he/she is in your fingers in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic of all securities.

Her husband, and why? Do not kill them.



He said that an attack, the police, the political power and political disaster, and in the entire life of the raft and the river of life and manipulation and fixed.

Because of its drinking water, the political and power politics on behalf of the front, and far-reaching sense of political crisis is a very lucky. They know what it is? A good message.

For example, killed, and for the devil filled with masamochi energy company, the company is not defense, strong, and back pain, and he was using his penis nerves around his waist, and from all walks of life, reduce paper.

But knowledge is necessary, but also bright canguan opticator Yao total and bright



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