Sacha Archer is a writer and visual artist, as well as being the editor of Simulacrum Press ( His work has appeared in journals such as filling Station, h&, illiterature, NōD, FIVE:2:ONE, UTSANGA, Matrix, and Word for Word. Archer’s first full-length collection of poetry, Detour, a conceptual work with the Dao De Jing as the source text, was recently published by gradient books (2017). His most recent chapbooks are, The Insistence of Momentum (The Blasted Tree, 2017), and upROUTE: The Language of Plates (above/ground press, 2017). He has a chapbook of visual poems forthcoming from Inspiritus Press entitled, TSK oomph. A collection of broadsides from his work Ghost Writing is his latest publication from The Blasted Tree. Archer lives in Ontario, Canada.


Sacha Archer can be reached at: sachaarcher [at] gmail [dot] com